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Product Changes

You can change the items you received within 15 days of their delivery.
Notify the courier, with which we sent you your order and make the change without any shipping charges. You can contact customer service if you want to place a change order so you do not miss the new item you are interested in. If you want to replace the item for the second time, you will be charged with 3 € for the return and with an additional 3 € for the new shipment. If the new item is of greater value than your return, you pay the difference by cash on delivery (charge 3 €) or by bank deposit. If the new item is of lower value, the difference may remain on your tab and you use it in your future purchase. For Cyprus and EU countries the charge of expenses for each change is 30 € and no change can be made in a physical store that is outside Greece. ATTENTION: The items you return must be unused with their cards and their original packaging intact. If the items have an internal print they must not be worn or damaged. Returns in which the packaging is damaged (shoe box, etc.) or the product will not be accepted. All our items go through quality control to confirm that they are in excellent condition before shipment. In the rare case of defective item, please contact our company by phone. Any refunds are made according to the way you paid for your order. If you have paid for your order by cash on delivery or by deposit in an account, fill in the IBAN of your account and the name of the beneficiary in the product return form. The refund is charged with costs 3 € for Greece and 30 € for Cyprus. Alternatively, the amount can remain on your card and you can set it off at your next purchase. For any clarification and support call 210 4910473 daily from 09.00 am. until 18.00 p.m. and on Saturday from 09.00 a.m. until 15.00 p.m. (except holidays), or via email at The process of sending the items is done in accordance with the GDPR Regulation and based on the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY of our company.