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Our company Raymont® Shoes is a growing family business, based in Athens, the capital of Greece.

It was established in the mid-60s by Mr. Anastasios Megalooikonomou, his passion and engagement for men’s shoes starts very early, at 40’s during war. Everything started from his childhood, at the age of seven years old, barely barefoot for almost two years, beside his godfather, strict shoemaker teaching to young Anastasio, how to make men’s handmade shoes by order, depending on the customer’s requirements and wishes. Back then, the working conditions were literally very rough. The whole procedure, cutting, sewing etc was made literally only by hands, indicatively for a pair of shoes, a shoemaker needed up to two days.

Since 1998 his two sons Mr. Panagiotis and Mr. Chrysanthos continues their father's work with loyalty and success. The role of the father and his passion for shoes was catalytic for the future development of the company.

Both equipped with the valuable experience they have inherited, with dedication to quality, they provide services in such levels, helping them to achieve a production of comfortable shoes in high quality and in prices also.
Our company is active in Greece, with a local distribution network but also with a growing presence abroad The distribution of the production is based on the orders that have already been received with the consequence that it produces shoes only on order. Having specialized staff, human-centered organization, absolute harmony and cooperation, the maximum is attributed to the final product. Each pair of shoes, being the most difficult product of human clothing, in order to have the best result, in addition to the machines, necessarily needs the specialization of the craftsman-shoemaker.

Our goal is always to improve and upgrade our products, we choose carefully the rerail points of sales and reinforce our production line with new machines, having positive results to the final products making it desirable and accessible to the general public.

After of more than 60 years successful walking in shoes production, our mission and vision remains the same, investigate, evaluate and follow accordingly the worldwide fashion trends. We are dedicated to offer the best by highlighting the elegant side of modern man.

Every year we promote two different shoes collections, one for the winter season and one for the summer season. Our collections include styles and colors for every occasion a modern man will need.